Loop 8 min. / installation



WANTED is the attempt to achieve a video piece, which invites one to dreams with the help of  the usage of scenic images. Here, however, one means childlike dreams, which a human being appears to lose during the course of his / her lifetime. The aim is to create an almost meditative mood, in which one can dwell on one’s thoughts.

The sound level, however, directs the thoughts to a concrete direction. The text comes from interviews with various persons. Excerpts of the text can be heard on the left channel, which describe the past dreams and aspirations of the persons, and also information regarding whether these have been fulfilled or not. On the right channel one hears the statements of persons regarding their current situations and purpose in life. The text is fragmented and is continuously repeated, whereby the individual statements are blended again and again in different ways.

The audio runs parallel to the background sounds, that is to say, it fades in and out and comes and goes with the waves.