Terrortorium or "A Short Tale Of Terror"

Installation about James Bond                                                                                                                                       



Variable design:
* Simplified map of the world with visualised axis of the wicked (aggressor states)
* Film still of the “Bond victim” from all films
* Classification and labelling of the images based on time of death, origin, cause of death…


Examples of the filing cards: victim #1 up to victim #251



The first James Bond – 007 film (Dr. No) was screened in the cinemas in the year 1962. Sean Connery then played the role of the British spy with the licence to kill. Since then, six actors have played the role of James Bond in a total of 23 films. The last film (Skyfall) was screened in the year 2012.

The figure of this world-wide successful and unique film series, James Bond, is an ideal representative of the western and capitalist culture: He is masculine, educated and sophisticated.
Our hero fights as a secret service agent against the threat of terrorism.
He murders innumerable adversaries for the cause of world security without remorse or moral misgivings. What is prominent in the process is the origin of the “Enemy” or at least the location of the aggressor:  to begin with, these places are naturally the Soviet states and the remaining communist-ruled countries, but even the more recent productions are based again in Russia, Cuba, North Korea and Azerbaijan…
The risk is localised and identified with nationalities, ideologies and systems – from the year 1962 up to the present.

The installation is meant to investigate the entrapment of the global entertainment industry and world policy. It is questioned as to how far the media produce our concept of the enemy and cause ideologies and systems to collapse.

Installation at Forum Stadtpark in Graz
 and OK Center for Contemporary Art     Foto: Otto Saxinger