Installation with Video/Sound 45 Min. + Lego Objects
Marion Habringer, Heike Nösslböck, Pia Schauenburg




Exhibition view Gallery 5020, Salzburg


The art market with its institutions, individual positionings and respective strategies of the artists, forms the subject-related background of the work, whereby, we are particularly interested in the weaknesses and problems of this system. In the world of business, it has been a standard practice, since a long time, to analyse the shortcomings in organisations with the help of so-called coaching and training in order to optimise their effectiveness.

In our work, we transform the art market to a fictitious organisation, to which we can now apply the real existing LEGO SERIOUS PLAY of coaching and training. Comparing the art operations with the structures within an organisation facilitates the articulation of the hierarchies, dependencies and budget distributions in a playful manner.

The participants came from all walks of life of the arts operations and represent the “Art Market” organisation. They were invited by us to an 8-hour session of coaching and training in order to investigate the structures of the working environment. For this purpose, however, only Lego modules were available to them...


Thanks to: Renée Stieger, Georg Kargl, Deutschbauer & Spring, Elke Krystufek, Heiri Häfliger und Rüdiger Andorfer


Participants during the coaching