Home Sweet Home

Experimental Video, 1 Min.






The feeling of “Homelessness” was the motivation for this piece of work. Human beings are compelled or inclined to leave their homeland for the most varied of reasons. Apart from political reasons, for example, the professional and vocational situation calls for relocation abroad ever increasingly. The question now arises as to what it is that makes the environment actually a home. What does one need for this? Are they friends, a partner, the family, nationality, memories or places, which one is conversant with?

I have selected a montage of the Austrian “Zeit im Bild” TV news for the implementation, since news, in general, deal with domestic and foreign issues. However, strictly, only selected facts are included. Terms such as “Love” or nodding of the head are avoided. Using the assembly of individual syllables of the original sound, I transform the anchor man now into my personal mouthpiece.

The message shifts between political and personal statement.



included in the SixpackFilm Program “Zeit im Bild”

“The beginning of the second program offers an adaptation of the television news in a little game with its presentation. Pia Schauenburg’s Home Sweet Home shows a montage of quick cuts of anchorman Josef Broukal, which transforms him into a later version of Max Headroom and exposes a hidden message. (...)”