A multi-lingual sound installation in public space

A Project for LINZ 2009 European Capitol of Culture





Monument of Stelzhamer


Visitors of the installation


The intervention, “Hoamatgsang – A Folk Song” deals with the mechanism of establishing a national or regional identity and the phenomena of exclusion resulting from it. The Upper Austrian regional anthem, which is also an identity builder, forms the central “theme” of the intervention. Further more the text of the anthem was written by Franz Stelzhamer, an Upper Austrian novelist, who is known for his antisemitic texts.

This identity carrier is challenged in its present form and the possibility of its exclusion is reversed with the help of adoption and further development. The anthem would first be translated in about 20 languages and would then be sung by native speakers.

The sound installation was installed next to the monument of Franz Stelzhamer at the "Völkergarten", a public park in Linz, Austria


Sound example Upper Austrian dialect

Sound example Hungarian
Sound example Italian
Sound example Turkish

Sound example Polish

Sound example Czech
Sound example English

Sound example Chinese

Sound example French


Mark Alvarez, Francesco Aprea, Mate Heinrich, Sabah Joja, L´Aurent, Petr Ochvat, Jianan Qu, Katarina Scekic, Elfi Sonnberger, Karolina Szmit, Enrique Tomás


Opening speach by Stella Rollig


Exhibition view "One Night Stand" State Gallery Linz - Fotos ©Philipp Gerlach