The Germans Are Coming! – A Play In Two Acts


Lambda Prints on Aluminium, Text, Videos/Sound 15 Min.


Exhibition view Gallery 5020, Salzburg


As a supplement to an intensive research pertaining to a seasonal job and the tourism of Germans in the Austrian Alps, I was personally engaged, both in Germany and in the tourist city of Kitzbuehel as a waitress and as a ski tourist under contra-conditions. An increasing number of German seasonal workers come into contact with a large number of German tourists in the midst of the Austrian Alps.

I have attempted to capture and contrast both perspectives in my artistic manifestation. For one, I take the place of a seasonal worker in Kitzbuehel (undercover). In this connection, I visit the place as a tourist. Both the acts, virtually performances on a single stage, yield two entirely different experiences and perceptions. I document the experiences and impressions on the basis of photographs, diary entries, video recordings and a concealed microphone. Both experiences have been elaborated as a series of photographs and text and the video recordings of both travel routes are combined with sound collages of the microphone recordings. There are comparisons or correlations in a single installation, which present a report on one’s experiences to the audience.


Exhibition view KunstRaum Goethestraße, Linz