Frost Flowers

Concept for an installation in the Dachstein ice cave (“Rieseneishöhle’)



At first glance, the gigantic ice cave appears as cold, empty and hostile to life. However, in addition to the microorganisms that survive in the ice, pollen from past centuries is contained within the ice layers.

This concept aims to make visible the pollen, whose composition is analyzed in the accompanying chart, in flowerbeds of ice. Due to the diversity of pollen species only a selection will be planted. No pails, pots, etc. will be used. With the help of grow lights and reflectors, the plants will be supplied with the necessary light spectrum, as well as the requisite warmth. A horticultural fleece protects the plants from cold and stores the melted ice water...


Heightening of contrasts:
cold - warm, firm - soft, dead - alive